LucidLink announces General Availability

(and a special offer)

The entire LucidLink team would like to extend our sincere gratitude and thanks to all of you who have provided feedback and advice, tested product, support and helped the efforts of LucidLink in uncountable ways. We could not have reached this point without it.

We’re now extremely excited to let you know LucidLink Filespaces is live in production, and we’ve got a growing list of customers giving it rave reviews! We invite you to try it out and extend a special offer to early adopters (more on that below).

“You have an amazing technology. From a user’s perspective Lucid offers a secure and essentially limitless-scale local file system on a heterogenous ecosystem that can host and share essentially limitless sized files. That’s amazing.“

what are LucidLink filespaces?

LucidLink is a completely new type of cloud storage service providing users unprecedented control over their data, focusing on simplicity, security, and performance. We employed concepts from distributed databases, log-structured file systems, and cloud gateway devices, to completely re-think cloud storage and built a cloud-native file system on top of an object store. The objective was to mitigate the effects of latency when using cloud storage as primary storage while allowing users to simply mount and use it like a disk.

Simplicity – LucidLink allows you to use any cloud object storage (such as AWS S3) as you would a local drive, with no additional infrastructure to set up and manage. Just create your free account in our portal, download the client, and start using it. Share data, and access from any machine – cloud servers, containers, data center servers, desktops, and laptops.

Security – use your own cloud storage account from one of many supported companies, ensuring that you have complete control over where your data is located. Everything is encrypted end to end (instead of just at rest), and only you have the key. When you disconnect from your file space, the data is no longer accessible on your device.

Performance – files are distributed, then streamed on demand without having to download or sync first, saving critical time and precious space. Instantly access huge data sets and large files. Elastic storage grows on demand, and only charges for what you use. Caching, multi-streaming, and pre-fetching provide a local storage experience over the internet with files stored in the cloud.

Who should consider using LucidLink?

LucidLink is perfect for companies who:

  • • Would like to move on premise file servers to the cloud.
  • • Wish to provision cloud-based servers or containers with shared object storage.
  • • Would like on-premise applications to write data natively to the cloud.
  • • Have distributed teams who need to access the same data.
  • • Want the convenience of storage in the cloud with the highest levels of security.

LucidLink aims to make trying out our new service dead easy – sign up for a free user account, download the client application, and create your first file space on us! No AMI to set up and run, no VPN to configure, and no appliances. Cloud first access means clients read and write directly to the object store.

We will post a product walk-through and architectural overview soon for more details.

what about that offer?

Right. A major part of our value prop is allowing customers to use their own cloud storage accounts. But we also recognize that it might not be the most convenient way to take it out for a test spin, and therefore we’ve also included the ability to create a dedicated filespace in LucidLink’s storage account. On us for early adopters.

Use your own account credentials or let us host it for you.

Create your free portal account and select “our storage” when you create your filespace, or “your storage” to use your own cloud account.

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We believe cloud object storage has the power to fundamentally change the way individuals and businesses store and access their files.

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