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July 2017, George Dochev

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LucidLink is dedicated to providing the easiest and highest performing way to mount cloud object storage. We believe that our innovative distributed file system, in conjunction with cloud object storage, will simplify how companies and users can connect (any) application, using (any) OS, to (any) object store.

We believe that by implementing our tech deep into the stack as a file system means no disruption to workflows, and no requirement to re-write apps making them cloud ready. Our distributed streaming technology allows applications to use the cloud as primary storage, and services running in the cloud can use cost-effective object storage without the need for clunky tools, complicated setups or additional infrastructure.

We have already had hundreds of conversations with end users looking to:

    • ¬†replace on premise file servers
    • provide collaborative shared file space for teams
    • allow scientists instant local access to vast research data
    • allow local applications to write directly to the cloud
    • connect applications already running in the cloud to data in object storage
    • link clouds of different regions, and different vendors

This blog will provide insight to the technology, updates on the company, share customer use cases, and discuss developments in the market. Please check back often, and contribute to the comments section and our our community forums.

co-founders Peter & George

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