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January 3, 2018

Comparing methodologies for accessing AWS S3 cloud object storage

More than just a mount point It’s a common question, “How can I mount and use S3 storage for production workloads?” It makes a lot of sense - elastic, highly durable, and cost effective - sounds perfect! And if you Google it, you’ll find plenty of solutions and products available.…
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October 30, 2017

DevOps use AWS S3 object storage as Jenkins back-end

Like many other Development Operations (DevOps) teams in software today, LucidLink uses Jenkins as our core platform for continuous integration and test. And like many other DevOps teams, managing and backing up the underlying storage is a challenge and a distraction. Overview of our Jenkins storage challenge Currently LucidLink supports 5…
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July 14, 2017

Full native S3 integration

As we've stated before, we believe LucidLink is the easiest, highest performing way for any application on any OS to mount and use any object storage as local disk. Our vision to provide seamless access to data stored in object storage in distant locations (cloud to edge, edge to cloud, cloud to…
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