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Employee Spotlight: Emil

Meet Emil Stanchev, Tech Lead / C++ developer at LucidLink. In this Q&A, Emil shares a bit about his experience as a team lead and developer who supports improving the code behind our technology.

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Employee Spotlight: Meshi

Meet Meshi Varga, Level III Support Engineer at LucidLink. Meshi works with our customers to address their unique needs and ensure they are having the best experience with LucidLink.

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Employee Spotlight: Minyu

Meet Minyu Minev, Principal Engineer and the first employee at LucidLink. In this Q&A, we ask Minyu about his experience helping to create the technology behind LucidLink and building the engineering team.

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Employee Spotlight: Ira

Meet Ira Polyanskaya, Digital Marketing Designer at LucidLink. Ira is the visionary behind our visual design and her work can be seen across the LucidLink website, digital media, and print collateral.

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Employee Spotlight: Lyudmil

Meet Lyudmil Grigorov, C++ developer at LucidLink. Lyudmil joined LucidLink because he saw the opportunity as a goldmine for knowledge and a chance to expand his technical skills with a dynamic team.

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