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Looking for an iCloud alternative, only infinitely better? Meet LucidLink.

LucidLink is the high-performance, enterprise-grade, cloud fileservice that’s here to transform your Mac-based video editing workflow.


The serious alternative for creatives editing from the cloud


Why iCloud doesn’t cut it for remote creative workloads 

For Mac-based video editors and creatives, iCloud can serve as a convenient, built-in cloud storage service for backing up and archiving files. But it’s not meant for tackling heavy workloads, like accessing and editing massive files remotely – and in real-time. 

Here are three big reasons why:


LucidLink enables creatives to have immediate access to cloud video files. Any file within your LucidLink Filespace is written and streamed on-demand in tiny blocks – similar to how files are read and written on local storage drives. 

Tiny blocks, big productivity boost 

No matter how small or large your files are they’re instantly accessible, since only tiny blocks are read as needed by whatever application you’re using. That means there’s no constant, time-consuming syncing of files in their entirety between your machines and the cloud. 

So, what you get instead is a highly responsive, buttery smooth experience that only serves to boost your productivity.

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Cloud-native, not just cloud-enabled 

Unlike iCloud, LucidLink is explicitly built for heavy remote workloads.
Here’s why that matters:

All around, LucidLink has reduced the stress of working in a pandemic environment both for us as a service provider and for our clients. LucidLink is technology we can rely on
Julian CrespiOwner and Colorist, Vuela

Take the pain out of remote collaboration

Unlike other storage services like DropBox and Google Drive, With near-instant editing from LucidLink, simultaneous, remote collaboration on anything from complex timelines, audio editing to ambitious VFX shot sequences is a snap.

  • Secure, real-time team collaboration – no matter where in the world your team is located 
  • Easily manage multiple users and shared permissions
  • Save time by not having to constantly download or sync files to view the latest changes to a project. With LucidLink, it’s simple: the “single source of truth” is in the cloud

Zero-knowledge encryption keeps sensitive data secure

The best approach to data security? Trust no one. By that, we mean infrastructure and cloud storage providers have “zero-knowledge” of any data you’re storing or transmitting. Data is encrypted on your device and stays encrypted even when it’s in transit. Only you can “see” your data. 

So, to sum up: There’s absolutely no sharing files with strangers and no storing unprotected copies of sensitive data on multiple devices.

100 secure

Preserve and protect your work with snapshots

With LucidLink, you can schedule instant “snapshot” backups of your entire Filespace. Snapshots make it easy to perform file recovery, roll back to previous versions and schedule automatic backups to run on a schedule of your choosing. Only data that’s changed between two snapshots is saved, resulting in more efficient space utilization. 

What’s more – snapshots are read-only, so they act as a last line of defense for your files against ransomware attacks.


Experience the future of remote file access, sharing and collaboration

Does LucidLink fit your media production team’s needs far better than iCloud? We think so. LucidLink focuses on globally, instantly accessible data, is streamed on-demand and available immediately for collaboration on projects. 

This makes LucidLink a solution ideally suited for industries like media and entertainment, or architecture, engineering and construction that rely on immediate remote access to files of any size – especially massive files. 

But don’t just take our word for it. Feel free to try it yourself with a free, 14-day LucidLink trial!

SaaS offering, no hardware or IT support required

End-to-end security encryption

Works with any object storage

Instant on-demand file access from anywhere

Works with any OS