Faster, more secure, encrypted cloud storage

LucidLink’s secure cloud file system lets you stream the data you need on-demand – all while keeping your most sensitive workloads safe.

Join LucidLink, and enjoy working rapidly and securely from anywhere in the world.


A reliable, modern approach to cloud data security

Remote work is here to stay – and so is the use of cloud storage to share, edit and collaborate on all your files. LucidLink offers a new, best-in-class, secure cloud storage solution that doesn’t cramp your productivity.

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The secret to truly secure cloud storage? Trust NO ONE.

Our approach is simple: minimize the amount of trust required by all the different providers that would be involved in storing, managing and transferring your most important files and data. In other words – our system lets you trust providers to reliably store and transmit all your data.

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Our encrypted cloud storage comes with Zero-Knowledge

LucidLink uses a “Zero-Knowledge” encryption model. Here’s what that means for all your files: 

  • Nobody – not us, nor your network or cloud storage providers know anything about the data you’re storing or transmitting.
  • We use strong, end-to-end encryption where all data is first encrypted on your local device and then stays encrypted when in transit and at rest.
  • Only you can “see” the data.

No more server-side encryption

Zero-Knowledge encryption is a complete game-changer from the usual “server-side” encryption that most cloud storage providers, like Google Drive or Dropbox employ. Under those systems, data is encrypted at rest, but server providers keep the encryption keys and have full access to your content. 

Security has never been an issue. Our clients trust us to secure their property and we trust LucidLink to encrypt that data. It has never been an issue even once.
Julian CrespiOwner and Colorist, Vuela

Stream all your sensitive data on-demand…without leaving any trace

Most cloud storage solutions, like Dropbox, Google Drive, and iCloud create copies of entire data sets on each of your connected devices. Here is where LucidLink technology is completely different:

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  • Rather than syncing data on each of your devices, LucidLink streams small chunks of your data on-demand.
  • LucidLink eliminates the need for storing unprotected copies on multiple devices, since data is streamed in small chunks, and helps ensure that attackers don’t make off with any readable data. 
  • All locally cached data and metadata on your devices are stored encrypted on the local disk. 
  • Disconnecting from the LucidLink Filespace prevents an attacker with physical access to your device from gaining access to any files. Nothing is left behind.

Split-plane architecture for data and metadata encryption

All metadata is synchronized through a central metadata service provided by LucidLink, while data is streamed to and from the cloud or an on-premise object store. Each file has its own unique encryption key, which provides isolation and helps minimize the risk of data breaches. 

LucidLink uses AES-256 in GCM mode – one of the strongest forms of authenticated encryption. This allows any tampering or data integrity issues to be immediately detected upon access, so you have peace-of-mind that any accessed data is genuine.


See the future of remote file access, sharing and collaboration 

Is LucidLink among the best cloud storage alternatives for you and your media production team’s needs? We think so. LucidLink focuses on globally, instantly accessible data that is streamed on-demand and available immediately for collaboration on projects. 

This makes LucidLink a solution ideally suited for industries like media and entertainment, or architecture, engineering and construction that rely on immediate remote access to files of any size – especially large files.  But don’t just take our word for it.

Feel free to try it yourself with a free, 14-day LucidLink trial!

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End-to-end security encryption

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