About LucidLink

We believe cloud object storage has the power to transform the way individuals and businesses store and access their files. Cloud object storage is more compelling than ever before thanks to advancements in technology. Bandwidth and access are ubiquitous, and efficiency of scale continue to lower the cost.

There are two fundamental challenges using cloud object storage:
1. There is no file system associated with it, so customers use simple API commands to get and put objects, or re-write apps to use it natively.
2. Because transfer protocols used today are not optimized for high latency networks, direct file access breaks down over the internet.

The result is that for practical purposes, companies generally use cloud object storage for backup and archive of data.

LucidLink aims to change that with our universal distributed file system that streams data from cloud object storage. We purpose built it to integrate with object storage through high latency environments, and address the source of the challenge, not the symptom. Simply stated,  LucidLink provides the ability to mount an object store in the cloud and use it as local storage.

Our team of storage and software veterans have worked for years in mission critical, high performance environments, and understand the customer’s critical needs when it comes to product and support. The LucidLink family spans the globe in locations from San Francisco, Fort Lauderdale, Sofia, and Melbourne.