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Cloud file system
for post-production companies

Any size. Anytime. Anywhere. Any type.
LucidLink Video

Immediate access to media assets
for Media & Entertainment

LucidLink is the common denominator to access data “rich media content” no matter what application, operating system or location ( physical, virtual or cloud )
Richie Murray President and Founder, Bridge Digital

Centralized repository
to be accessible from any point in existing workflows

Centralized repository
  • Rapidly ingest hi-res footage for immediate access anywhere

  • Video and audio post-production editing directly in the cloud

  • Provide remote access to large VFX shot sequences

Boost efficiency

Leveraging various NLE tools, MAMs, and DAMs. Premiere Pro, Media Composer, Final Cut, Resolve, Kyno, etc.

Adobe products & Avid
  • Save time

    Remove requirements to download and upload data, eliminate the need to deploy and set up hardware, no special training required

  • Reduce costs

    No hardware investment, decrease IT management overhead, replace NAS with economical cloud storage, pay only for the capacity used

  • Optimize production workflow

    Access cloud-stored assets as if they are on a local drive, collaborate on files in real-time

LucidLink file system
Being able to share large data files is integral to the future of our workflow.
Jonathan Loomis IT Director, John McNeil Studios


For media assets

Centralized Repository

Video Editing

Immediate access to data
without downloading the entire file

Collaborative Video Editing

100% Secure,
End-to-End Encryption

Only the users hold the key

100% secure End-to-End Encryption