What’s New in LucidLink

Our latest updates empower creative teams and large enterprises to connect and collaborate in real time.

Fine-Grained Permissions

With our new permissions model, all users will see a consistent folder structure, also known as the “full path,” regardless of their granted permissions. Some key benefits of this new feature include:

  • Users no longer need to relink their files in creative tools due to differences in the folder structure.
  • All users will see folder names consistently, even when folders are renamed or moved. 
  • Users no longer have to deal with conflicts caused by identically-named folders when granting access to users or groups.

This is the first release of the Fine-Grained Permissions feature set, providing the foundational components for additional granular permissions capabilities in the near future. Providing the full path to the user data is just the beginning!

Check out this Knowledge Base article to learn more about our new Fine-Grained Permissions model.


Remote Upload Indicator

With the new Remote Upload Indicator, users can now see when their teammates are uploading new files to their LucidLink Filespace. This streamlines collaboration by letting users know when another user’s file has been uploaded completely. The Remote Upload Indicator also appears whenever existing files are modified.

For applications that do not natively support file locking, the Remote Upload Indicator can significantly reduce conflicts that arise when multiple users need to work with the same files in a collaborative workflow.

Check out this Knowledge Base article to learn more about our new Remote Upload Indicator.


An entirely new Single Sign-On

SSO is now easier to set up for small and large organizations using Okta and Azure Active Directory. Support for additional identity providers may be added in future releases.

In this new implementation, manual synchronization of users and groups is a thing of the past. Instead, we use just-in-time provisioning to create users and groups automatically when users first log into the Filespace.

Lucid client version 2.1 and the Filespace 2.0 format introduced in April 2022 are required to take advantage of the new SSO implementation.


Non-root Admin Permissions

Our new Administrator role allows organizations to have multiple Filespace administrators without needing to share the root user’s credentials. Previously, all administrative functions were only available to the singular root user, making it difficult for large organizations to share the overall administrative functions of their organization.

For more information about our new Administrator role, check out this Knowledge Base article on how best to manage Filespace users.

LucidLink Filespaces 2.0

Introducing Metadata Streaming

Our innovative file streaming technology has been re-architected from the ground up in this release to meet the ever-growing demand for active remote collaboration. Collaborating over long distances often exceeds hundreds of concurrent users, having access to hundreds of millions of files. Metadata Streaming, included in LucidLink Filespaces 2.0, introduces advanced algorithms that allow optimal metadata streaming over the Internet, using minimal system overhead and compressed traffic.

Local caches now only use the metadata they need, avoiding unnecessary use of local machine resources. And following our long-standing security model, the metadata remains fully encrypted, ensuring your projects remain in your hands. With Metadata Streaming now available to LucidLink Filespaces 2.0 users, real-time collaboration on massive media files–from home or the office–has never been more accessible in enterprise-scale organizations.


Our fastest Filespaces yet

LucidLink Filespaces 2.0 is the perfect solution for creative teams growing quickly. New team members can now browse Filespaces of any size with lightning responsiveness, from hundreds to millions of files and more in storage.

The new Filespaces architecture gets your expanded creative team up-to-speed fast on projects without downtime or lengthy metadata synchronization.

Instant snapshot

Instantly accessible snapshots of any size

LucidLink offers a unique way to preserve your projects using snapshots–instant restores of individual files or entire Filespaces. With LucidLink Snapshots offer a unique way to restore prior versions of individual files or revert entire Filespaces to earlier points. The new highly-scalable architecture of LucidLink Filespaces 2.0 makes instant access to snapshots now possible, accelerating the productivity of creative teams with large projects.


New and improved file locking

LucidLink global file locking gives Windows-based applications the native support required for serializing access across multiple users. The new architecture in LucidLink Filespaces 2.0 features state-of-the-art distributed global file locking that improves performance while being more resilient in a distributed environment.

Windows users will get a file locking experience on par with network-attached storage.

Azure marketplace

Deploy quickly on Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Accelerate your digital transformation and deploy cloud services seamlessly while simplifying billing and procurement by adding LucidLink to your enterprise through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace portal.

LucidLink customers can take advantage of the scalability, high availability, and security of Microsoft Cloud with the streamlined deployment and management provided by Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

SaaS offering, no hardware or IT support required

End-to-end security encryption

Works with any object storage

Instant on-demand file access from anywhere

Works with any OS