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How to utilize cloud storage like it’s on-prem

Tags:backup and recoverycloud storageMSPobject storageremote accessvideo surveillance

In this session, MSPs will find out how to use cloud storage in production using LucidLink Filespaces, dramatically simplifying deployments and streamlining management Join this webinar on Wednesday, November 13, at 11:00 am, PST  to learn how LucidLink Filespaces works without additional hardware infrastructure to : Run file workloads on any object storage on-prem or […]


How to run file workloads on-prem or in the cloud with object storage

Tags:backup and recoverycloud storageMSPobject storageremote accessvideo datavideo surveillance

LucidLinks’s streaming file service allows users to access files directly where they are stored, in place, and by streaming them on-demand without syncing or fully downloading. We provide this capability as SaaS, allowing customers to bring their own storage, whether on-prem or public cloud, and leverage object storage as the back end.

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LucidLink Reveals Innovative Cloud File Service Utilizing Amazon S3 Storage

Tags:AECM&EMSPS3 storagevideo datavideo editorsvideo production

Designed for Predictability, LucidLink Performance, Combines Storage Costs & Egress Fees San Francisco, CA – May 19, 2020 – LucidLink, an innovator in cloud file services, announced today a unique new service utilizing Amazon S3 storage with LucidLink Filespaces. Built specifically for the cloud, Filespaces is a high-performance file service that enables the cloud storage […]

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Wasabi & LucidLink Partner to Deliver Rapid File Access for Maximum Productivity at a Disruptive Price

Tags:backup and recoverycloud storagecollaborationMSPNASobject storagepartnersremote accessS3 storagevideo surveillanceWasabi

Combined Solution Speeds Production Workloads by Making the Cloud Perform Like a Local Disk BOSTON, MA – September 25, 2019 – Wasabi, the hot cloud storage company, announced today their latest partnership with LucidLink, a global innovator of cloud-native file services. Built specifically for object storage, LucidLink Filespaces™ provides high-performance file access over distance, improving organizational […]

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LucidLink Partners with Milestone Systems for Cloud Video Surveillance

Tags:cloud storageMSPobject storagepartnerssecuritytechnologyvideo datavideo surveillance

SaaS Cloud File Service Provides Streaming and Concurrent Access to Surveillance Video, Anytime, Anywhere  San Mateo, CA – February 6, 2020 – LucidLink, an innovator in cloud file services, announced today that it has partnered with Milestone Systems, a leading provider of open platform video management software, to provide immediate and concurrent access to video surveillance […]

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LucidLink Launches Global Managed Service Provider Program

Tags:active archivebackup and recoverycloud storageMSPNASobject storagepartnersS3 storage

Turn Cloud Storage into Near Real-Time Onsite Data Storage  San Francisco, CA – October 22, 2019 – LucidLink, a global innovator of cloud-native file services, today announced its new, global Managed Services Provider (MSP) program. The program makes it easier for MSPs to expand their businesses with a cloud-native, SaaS solution that leverages the cost […]


LucidLink, Wasabi and Milestone Systems — Archive & Access Video Data Anytime, Anywhere.

Tags:active archiveMSPobject storagepartnersS3 storagesecurityvideo datavideo surveillanceWasabi

For those managed service providers (MSPs) that provide security services such as video surveillance and video management, rapid retrieval is often a critical factor for reviewing archived video. That’s why it’s essential to establish your backup and archive service using a solution that enables your customers to gain immediate access to video data, anytime, from […]

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