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A revolution is happening in the world of cloud storage, and it’s called LucidLink.
David HelmlyHead of Strategic Development Professional Video – Broadcast, Adobe
When we found out about LucidLink, it was a dream come true. It helped us seamlessly transition to a cloud-based workflow.
Zachary BennettDirector of Operations, WebMD
LucidLink is incredible and blurs the line between what is local and what is remote.
Colin SmithVideoRevealed
LucidLink has been the single best addition to our family. It is the glue that ties us all together.
James WileyCo-founder, GoDigital Unlimited
LucidLink provides the unique ability to have immediate global accessibility superior to other remote access solutions. It is much faster and more efficient than any other solution we’ve found, and we’re confident it will underpin our growth for years to come.
Darius FamilyFounder and Managing Director, Post Lab IO
Our speed to edit has increased immeasurably with LucidLink.
Dominic BrouardDirector, Media Engineering, VICE Media Group
LucidLink is an absolute game changer for us. Really great syncing technology that lets us edit 4k footage from the cloud.
Kevin N.Owner, Brantbury
Our capacity has increased. We no longer have to limit ourselves to finding local freelancers to come aboard for a project.
Jasen M.Partner, Rancho Fantastico Post
The feedback we’ve had from our artists is that the performance is the same as if they were attached to a local NAS. They can’t tell any difference in speed, latency, or image quality.
Dominic MaherTechnical Artist, Final Pixel
We merged with a group in a different state and LucidLink has immediately made us feel like we’re all in the same building. We no longer ship physical drives across the country.
Video Editor Small Business Company
LucidLink has enabled a workflow for remote artists that was not possible with previous solutions. Hard to put a metric on it, as before LucidLink, we could not work this way at all.
IT ManagerMedium Enterprise Real Estate Company
In a remote environment, LucidLink has provided the connectivity my team needs. When building the team and our workflow, LucidLink solved many of the problems we were struggling to find solutions for.
Robby BSenior Video Editor, BookClub
Had we not had LucidLink, then that job would have been impossible. It was a lifesaver.
Zeb ChadfieldFounder and Finishing Artist, The Finish Line
We immediately tested LucidLink, and it just worked brilliantly straight away. It quickly became a standard part of our service.
Julian CrespiOwner and Colorist at Vuela
On average, I say we’ve saved about 8 hours a week per user from the simplicity offered by LucidLink. That adds up quickly. 
Post-Production SupervisorFair Worlds
After the installation of the LucidLink client, within three days I checked in with my users. I was surprised to find that LucidLink Filespaces was working in the background without any change to the team’s workflow. That’s a very poignant thing!
Jonathan LoomisIT Director, John McNeil Studios
The cloud really becomes like a local drive.
Karl SouleSenior Technical Business Development Manager, Film and Video, Adobe
Outstanding piece of software. LucidLink allows us to edit in nearly real-time without needing to spend thousands of dollars on server hardware, IT people, etc.
Sam TrozSenior Content Producer, FetchRewards
It took a while for us all to adapt to working remotely. But almost no time at all to get up and running with LucidLink.
Noel O’ConnorFounder & Creative Director at Emperor
This is a game-changing solution for our firm.
Omer MushahwarCTO at Torti Gallas + Partners
LucidLink has provided us with a zero-compromise solution for remote collaboration.
Arvydas G.Technical Manager, Content Engine at Shell
There really wasn’t anything out there we could find that could do the job as well as LucidLink. From my point of view, I don’t think I’ve ever implemented a product that has been so well received within our company.
Kelly ReddingIT Director, TEAM LEWIS
With LucidLink, everyone on our team can have access to everything they need. And it’s remarkably fast and interactive.
Jim RiderVirtual Production Supervisor, Final Pixel
LucidLink changed the entire workflow of our company for the better.
Jannek ZechnerCTO, Human – Music and Sound Studio
I fell in love with the ability to get my entire team quickly and securely onto one centralized resource for all of our files to go.
Brandon NaughtonPresident & co-founder, Truce Media
Retrieving file type data from S3 is a nightmare, LucidLink offers an elegant way to get around all that. With LucidLink, I can share things over much further distances which is impossible to do any other way. This is a complete game-changer for the way we handle video. We can never go back.
US Government Agency
LucidLink has become like crack cocaine for our users.
Immediate & seamless access to video is paramount. When our staff needs to retrieve data, they need it right now.
Temple MurphyDistrict IT Manager, Community High School District 128
I love LucidLink it has become the solution to every problem. 🙂
LucidLink has opened a world of opportunities not just for me as a service provider, but also for my customers. With the launch of all these Hyper Providers, adding your product on top of it feels like we have stepped 5 years into the future.
Casper Van der WaltHead Of Cloud & Infrastructure, Cipherwave
Prior to our LucidLink partnership, we had to turn down deals, because we didn’t have the right solution to meet our prospects’ needs. Now, we are able to retain and secure more customers, and maximize our use of Cloudian object storage.
Michael LassenInfrastructure Lead, Combell Nordics

SaaS offering, no hardware or IT support required

End-to-end security encryption

Works with any object storage

Instant on-demand file access from anywhere

Works with any OS