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Prior to our LucidLink partnership, we had to turn down deals, because we didn’t have the right solution to meet our prospects’ needs. Now, we are able to retain and secure more customers, and maximize our use of Cloudian object storage.
Michael Lassen Infrastructure Lead, Combell Nordics Combell Group Logo
After the installation of the LucidLink client, within three days I checked in with my users. I was surprised to find that LucidLink Filespaces was working in the background without any change to the team’s workflow. That’s a very poignant thing!” Jonathan added, “Being able to share large data files is integral to the future of our workflow.
Jonathan Loomis IT Director, John McNeil Studios JMS
LucidLink has opened a world of opportunities not just for me as a service provider, but also for my Customers. With the launch of all these Hyper Providers, adding your product on top of it feels like we have stepped 5 years into the future.
Casper Van der Walt Head Of Cloud & Infrastructure, Cipherwave Cipher Wave
I love LucidLink it has become the answer to every solution :)
Rickard Johansson Storsafe Sweden AB Storsafe
Retrieving file type data from S3 is a nightmare, LucidLink offers an elegant way to get around all that. With LucidLink, I can share things over much further distances which is impossible to do any other way. This is a complete game-changer for the way we handle video. We can never go back.
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