Video Surveillance

Cloud file system enabling rapid access to data for video surveillance

Any size. Anytime. Anywhere. Any type.

Immediate and seamless access to video data is vital. Filespaces provides rapid access to video files to meet the demands of video surveillance deployments.


For surveillance video data

Access to video files from anywhere
Fast access to surveillance data
without downloading the entire file
100% Secure,
End-to-End Encryption

Only the users hold the key
Immediate & seamless access to video is paramount. When our staff needs to retrieve data, they need it right now.
Temple MurphyDistrict IT Manager, Community High School District 128

Improve security performance, enhance efficiency

Works with Video Management Systems (VMS)

  • Reduce the hours it takes to investigate an incident
  • Immediately access and review video at any time
  • Protect & secure projects via automated snapshots and data encryption
  • Archive footage to infinitely scalable, affordable cloud storage
  • Easily integrate any cloud provider
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High-performance, secure video data access

Using LucidLink with cloud storage, video surveillance organizations gain quick access to data and can easily pinpoint critical footage stored in the cloud. Video assets and real-time analytics reside in the cloud that can be easily accessed, viewed, and shared remotely.

Simultaneous access to video footage

Network Video Recorders distributed anywhere in the world can capture video to a central location for remote users or disparate systems to perform advanced analytics in-place as if it is a local resource.

Best-of-class data protection 

All data is encrypted at AES 256 in flight and at rest. Each Filespace entry has its own encryption key. Automatic snapshots allow users to restore prior versions of either individual files or revert the entire Filespace to an earlier point. 

Cost-efficient, scalable cloud storage

This SaaS offering enables the use of any S3 compatible cloud storage provider or Microsoft Azure.  No additional hardware or IT support required. Cost-effectively meet the demand for longer data retention requirements.

SaaS offering, no hardware or IT support required

End-to-end security encryption

Works with any object storage

Instant on-demand file access from anywhere

Works with any OS