Simplify remote work: Quickly Access & Collaborate on files from any location

16 November 2021 - 04:00 PM (GMT)
45 minutes

Working remotely can be challenging with distributed teams accessing large files and collaborating over great distances. LucidLink solves this problem providing the fastest and easiest way to access, share, and work with files stored in the cloud. It provides the familiarity of a local drive and accessibility for remote teams to work collaboratively without the limitations of traditional shared storage.

You will learn how to:

  • Get immediate access to your files from any location
  • Eliminate download and upload wait times
  • Effortlessly keep assets in sync across your team
  • Collaborate in real time from across the globe
  • Utilize infinitely scalable cloud storage
  • Work on any major operating systems, macOS, Windows and Linux

Huge files are immediately accessible from any location, enabling teams across the globe to easily collaborate simultaneously on projects. LucidLink solves the problem of distance and latency in cloud environments to enable any size file to be delivered efficiently and streamed on-demand.

See how it seamlessly fits into digital workflows and provides the flexibility to work with any creative tools, like Premiere Pro, Media Composer and Resolve. In addition to tools like InDesign and Photoshop.

The AEC industry has the same challenges with accessing and sharing large files. LucidLink enables professionals to collaborate on CAD/CAM models in real-time, directly out of the cloud. It seamlessly integrates with Revit, AutoCAD, SolidWorks and others.

Join us for a webinar with our partner eacs on November 16th at 4pm GMT and see LucidLink in action. We’ll demonstrate how easy it is to get everything up and running with Filespaces and begin working directly from the cloud, from anywhere in the world.

SaaS offering, no hardware or IT support required

End-to-end security encryption

Works with any object storage

Instant on-demand file access from anywhere

Works with any OS