Why LucidLink?

LucidLink is a distributed file service connecting file systems to object-based cloud storage. It streams files from cloud object stores directly to clients, eliminating the hassle of copying or syncing, while providing highly secure end-to-end encryption.

With LucidLink, clients can mount and use cloud object stores such as AWS S3 as distributed file systems.

Lightning Fast

High-performance system designed for the cloud improves performance by up to 100X over legacy technologies.

Runs Everywhere

Supports Linux, Windows, macOS. Connect from a cloud server, on site, or on the “edge.”

Extremely Secure

All data is encrypted client-side using AES-256 with encryption keys protected by a password only you have.

No Storage Limit

The cloud becomes an extension of your hard drive. Terabytes of remote data become instantly accessible.

Simple to Use

No new app, nothing to configure, no need to change your workflow. You will never have to download or upload files again.

Integrate with OS

Your cloud appears as a local folder. Files are streamed from the remote location on-demand.

Simple to deploy

No additional infrastructure required. Create your private file-space in minutes.

Work Offline

Choose which folders/files you want for off-line use and continue to work off the grid.

The last storage upgrade you'll ever need

We believe cloud object storage has the power to fundamentally change the way individuals and businesses store and access their files.

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