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Free Secure WiFi ClientFree WiFi Client - WiFi Security presents a serious issue for personal identy and the integrity of your personal computer. The Free LucidLink WiFi Client makes it easy to connect to WiFi networks, automatically detects the required WiFi security settings, and warns you about insecure or dangerous networks.

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Wi-Fi Security is Essential for Small Business Networks

Over 60% of wireless WiFi networks used by small and mid-sized businesses are unsecure, leaving the door wide open to hackers to steal personal identity and confidential corporate information, access computer networks, and launch attacks from the business networks. Many businesses do not understand how vulnerable they are to attack over their WiFi networks. WiFi Security is essential. WEP doesn't work, WPA and WPA2 work well. Set it up and use it. There are a number of small business WiFi Security Servers out there (based on 802.1X and RADIUS servers) that can hide most of the technical details. Don't let hackers get your business & personal information off your WiFi networks.

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Over the Shoulder of a Wireless WiFi Hacker

WiFi hacker Demonstration

Take a look at how easy it is for WiFi hackers to peer into unsecured WiFi network traffic to capture your data, passwords, and personal identity.

Over the Shoulder of a WiFi Hacker

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