About LucidLink

Run your apps anywhere, stream your files directly from the cloud

We believe in the potential of cloud object storage in transforming the way individuals and businesses store and access their files in a “cloud first” approach. Advancements in technology and efficiencies brought to bear through scale combine to make cloud object storage more compelling than ever before. Bandwidth and near ubiquitous internet access further strengthen the case for cloud object storage.

Unfortunately there is no file system associated with object storage and basic technology to access files stored there is from 30 years ago and optimized for low latency, on-premise networks. The result is that for practical purposes, cloud object storage has been used primarily for backup and archive of data.

LucidLink aims to change that with our universal, streaming file system that streams data directly from cloud object storage. Our product has been purpose built for integrating with object storage through high latency environments.

Our team of Enterprise storage veterans have worked for years with mission critical, high performance environments and intimately understand the customer’s needs when it comes to product and support.

We are a highly distributed yet close knit group spanning the globe in locations from San Francisco, Fort Lauderdale, Sofia, and Melbourne.