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Video surveillance – LucidLink, Wasabi & Milestone Systems

For those managed service providers (MSPs) that provide security services such as video surveillance and video management, rapid retrieval is often a critical factor for reviewing archived video. That’s why it’s essential to establish your backup and archive service using a solution that enables your customers to gain immediate access to video data, anytime, from any location. 

According to a recent study by Grand View Research, Inc., the video management software (VMS) market is projected to reach $4.79 billion globally by 2025. Opportunities are there for the taking, but there are several points MSPs should consider when offering video surveillance and managed storage solutions. First, customers’ requirements for these services will vary significantly from very limited to broadly used across multiple locations, so scalability is essential. Image quality, security, and affordability are also key selling points. And perhaps, most importantly, given how quickly video data expands from bytes to terabytes—easily scalable storage capacity and fast remote access are critical to the decision-making process. 

Cloud storage solutions for video surveillance

If you are an MSP building out a complete infrastructure to support video surveillance, you want reliable, cost-effective solutions. LucidLink has partnered with Wasabi hot cloud storage and Milestone Systems to enable just that. This solution offers customers immediate access to video data with an affordable cloud storage solution and Milestone XProtect® video management software (VMS) for high-quality video surveillance infrastructures, including high-definition and megapixel environments. The result is video surveillance data that can be easily archived, and accessed anytime, from anywhere. 

LucidLink plus Wasabi plus Milestone Systems

Using LucidLink, surveillance video software that doesn’t have S3 capability can write directly to object storage through a LucidLink mount-point. The archived video is immediately available on-demand for rapid viewing by multiple people at the same time. And there is no time limit on how long customers can keep video files. LucidLink’s high-performance cloud-native file service, filespaces, provides sophisticated end-to-end encryption, so an object cannot be deleted or modified by anyone—including Wasabi or any object store—ensuring video footage is never altered or destroyed.

Object storage offers Milestone Systems’ customers a highly scalable repository for video management systems that support high camera counts, megapixel resolutions, high frame rates, and long retention periods. Together with LucidLink filespaces, MSPs have a ready-to-run, affordable cloud storage environment for high-quality video surveillance. The solution provides high reliability and availability to meet the demands of video surveillance deployments.

Benefits for MSPs

MSPs benefit from:

1) Affordable, “pay-as-you-grow” scalability, that avoids substantial capital expenditures for storage acquisition, and does not require costly maintenance, training, hardware, and software upgrades.

2) Predictable video storage costs supported by an elastic architecture that is designed for high reliability and provides the availability to meet the space and data demands of video surveillance deployments.

3) Best-in-class data security, to protect against disk failures, media errors, and accidental or malicious deletions or modifications.

Video surveillance and video management services are primed to complement many of the core services already offered by MSPs. If you want to learn more about how to quickly add these lucrative offerings to your portfolio, please contact LucidLink at info@lucidlink.com.