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Your LucidLink account can mix and match multiple Filespaces and includes up to 5 users.
Additional users are $10 per user / month.


Standard workloads,
active archive & backup

Wasabi storage included

Standard features & support

TB / month No egress fees

Features included

  • Default snapshots
  • Global file locking
  • Custom snapshots
  • SSO integration
  • Standard support
  • Wasabi storage provider
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IBM storage included

Premium features & support

TB / month No egress fees

Features included

  • Default snapshots
  • Global file locking
  • Custom snapshots
  • SSO integration
  • Premium support
  • IBM storage provider



Bring your own storage

Premium features & support

TB / month Provider may charge egress fees

Features included

  • Default snapshots
  • Global file locking
  • Custom snapshots
  • SSO integration
  • Premium support
  • Bring your own storage Amazon S3, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, IBM, Wasabi and any other S3 compatible object storage provider
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All prices listed are exclusive of applicable taxes. Charges based on the actual daily usage, metered over each 24 hour period, and invoiced monthly. The minimum storage charged per Filespace is 1TB / month. No additional fees for egress. Each account includes up to 5 users to start. Your admin and/or root user counts as one user.

LucidLink Savings Calculator

How much can you save?

Use our calculator to find out how much money and time spent organizing and downloading files you can save with LucidLink Filespaces. These values are approximate – please contact one of our experts to discuss a specific use case.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Filespace? 

A Filespace is a shared global namespace that looks like an extension of your hard drive in your file system. You can collaborate on digital assets in the cloud from anywhere. LucidLink provides fast, secure remote access to files for distributed teams.

What is egress?

Egress is simply downloading data from a cloud provider. Downloading a file or using that file within an application will require the file, or a portion of it, to be streamed to your machine. This action incurs egress.

What is the benefit of using a LucidLink plan with no egress fees?

Customers have indicated frustration with the unpredictable nature of egress fees. To solve this problem, LucidLink is now offering Filespace plans that include egress with both Wasabi and IBM storage providers. These new plans eliminate egress costs and provide a predictable monthly bill with no surprises. This “egress included” benefit typically reduces the total cost of ownership by 30% or more, due to the high cost of egress charged by other cloud storage providers. Please contact sales to model out a solution with egress included versus egress not included and paid for separately to see exactly how much you can save.

My storage capacity is huge, and we don’t download much data. What should I do?

If you require a lot of storage capacity that is not all active, we will work with you to create a custom package better suited to your workflow. We recommend you contact us for that discussion.

What use cases would use Standard storage vs. Performance storage?

As with any storage, performance varies from vendor to vendor. Typically, a Basic Filespace plan, leveraging Wasabi storage, can be successfully used for basic file server-type services and lighter workloads. However, if consistent high-performance is required or desired 24/7 (i.e., Applications such as video editing, 4K and 8K, AutoCAD, etc.), an Advanced Filespace plan is recommended.

Is there a LucidLink appliance I need to purchase or download?

No! Only the free LucidLink software client is needed to access the data in the cloud.

Does your solution work for video and audio editing?

Yes, LucidLink works great with video and audio editing. You can access video and audio files directly from the cloud and utilize a variety of NLE’s like Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer, and Blackmagic Resolve to name a few. Customers use LucidLink in their VFX and post-production workflows. Also, DAW’s like PreSonus’ StudioONE, Ableton Live, and others can easily be used with LucidLink’s technology. Attend a live demo and we will show you how.

What software applications does LucidLink work with?

LucidLink acts like a high-performance NAS in the cloud and can work with any application that can utilize NAS storage. A Filespace can be configured as a mount-point, drive letter, or UNC path to suit a variety of application needs. Customers can stop spending time and money managing storage. They can put data in the cloud, and enjoy universal access to it from anywhere.

Does all of my data pass through the LucidLink service? 

No. The LucidLink service is not in the data path. Only encrypted metadata is stored in the service to manage and coordinate multiple clients collaborating in the Filespace. File data is accessed directly from the cloud and does not pass through the LucidLink service. Here is more information about our architecture.

Is LucidLink secure?

LucidLink provides a “Zero-Knowledge” security model where the data is encrypted at AES 256 through its entire lifecycle and only the client ever has possession of the encryption key. This is in stark contrast to “server-side encryption” models where the data is only encrypted at rest where it is stored in the cloud.

Can I use LucidLink to front-end an existing bucket with data in Amazon S3, Azure, etc.?

No. Unlike traditional cloud object storage, where one file equals one object (1 file = 1 object), with LucidLink, one file can equal many objects. LucidLink streams bits of file data to and from the client and object storage. The entire file does not need to be downloaded. With intelligent read prefetching, local cache, and multiple parallel TCP streams, users experience local disk performance with cloud storage utilization.

Do you use other cloud providers besides Wasabi and IBM?

Customers can utilize nearly any “S3 compliant” object storage using the Custom Filespace plan and any available cloud providers or “Other Cloud” options from within the LucidLink portal.

How much space does my team get?

You choose the storage capacity plan in terabytes (TB) that you need today. You can add additional TBs of storage without limit, available on a TB / month cost.

Do you have any volume or enterprise-wide discounts?

Yes! Please contact our sales team for more information.

Does LucidLink charge Sales Tax/VAT/GST? 

LucidLink collects applicable tax for customers based upon their local, state, and country jurisdiction and the product type being purchased. Applicable taxes, if any, will be calculated based on the address you have provided to LucidLink upon creation of your account within the WebPortal. Read more in our Sales Tax FAQ.

SaaS offering, no hardware or IT support required

End-to-end security encryption

Works with any object storage

Instant on-demand file access from anywhere

Works with any OS