Stream your files directly from the cloud

Use cloud object storage like a local drive.

A Cloud Backed Distributed File Service

Integrate cloud object storage as a file system for production workloads.

Your own cloud
Choose the region that’s right for you, and use your own credentials. We take care of encryption and coordination to your data.

Integrated as a file system
Data streams directly from AWS S3 storage, without the need to download or synchronize.

Immediate ROI
Instantly benefit from low cost, elastic storage with no additional infrastructure.

Ideal for distributed teams with large data sets

Increased Velocity

Instant access means no waiting to sync files. Retain workflows with seamless, simple integration.

Nothing to Deploy or Manage

No IT overhead, no physical or virtual appliances needed.

Unlimited Capacity

Because data is streamed on demand you can extend your drive with the cloud.

Cost Effective

Pay as you go with no up-front costs.

Elastic, Durable and Available

Extend all the benefits offered by modern object stores to your file storage.

Retain Control Over Your Data

Data is encrypted and hosted in your own account in the cloud of your choice.

Lightning Fast

Intelligent, high-performance system designed for the Internet. 10x to 100x performance improvement over legacy technologies!

Runs Everywhere

Supports Linux, Windows or macOS. Connect from a cloud server, on premise, or the edge.

Extremely Secure

All data is client-side encrypted with AES-256. All encryption keys are protected with a password that only you have.

No Storage Limits

The cloud becomes an extension of your hard drive. Terabytes of remote data become instantly accessible.

Simple to Use

No new app, nothing to configure, no need to change your workflow. You will never have to download and upload files again.

Simple to Deploy

No additional infrastructure required, no complex setup, no VPN, no appliances. Create your private file-space in minutes.

Integrated With Your OS

Your cloud appears as a local folder. Files are streamed from the remote location on demand.

Works Offline

Selectively choose which folders/files you want to make available for off-line use and continue to work while off the grid.