Stream your data from any cloud

Integrated into your file system. Data streams directly from AWS S3 compatible object stores, eliminating the hassle of downloading or synchronizing.


A Cloud Backed Distributed File Service

Transform your object-based cloud storage into a distributed file space for seamless production

Use your own cloud

Choose the region that suits you using your own credentials. We’ll take care of encryption and high-performance delivery of all your files.

Integrate into a file system

Data streams directly from any AWS S3 compliant storage, eliminating the hassle of downloading or synchronizing.

Pay as you go

Low-cost, elastic storage with no additional infrastructure.


Ideal for edge-to-cloud, cloud-to-cloud, and hybrid workloads


Instant access means no syncing, which means no waiting.

Unlimited Capacity

On-demand data streaming allows you to extend your drive with the cloud.


No upfront charges: pay as you go.

No Infrastructure

Zero IT overhead, zero physical or virtual appliances needed.

Elastic, Durable, Available

Transform all the benefits of modern object stored into your file storage.

You Control Your Data

Client side, end to end encryption in the cloud of your choice.


All storage related costs are billed directly to the end user by their provider of choice. LucidLink service charges only for data under management.

For developers
Storage up to 16 GB
LucidLink provisioned storage
1 filespace
Free for early adopters
Expands on the free service
Minimum commitment of 1 TB
Your own cloud provider account
Unlimited filespaces
$0.05/GB monthly
Business plus
Advanced storage functionality
Minimum commitment 100 TB
Custom branding and integration
Integrate with on premise storage
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The last storage upgrade you'll ever need

We believe cloud object storage has the power to fundamentally change the way individuals and businesses store and access their files.

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