Run file workloads on any object storage,
in the cloud or on-premises

High-performance file system built for the cloud

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  • Read/write access to large files and data sets 100+ million files & file size 1TiB+
  • Rapidly stream data from anywhere Headquarters, remote offices, servers
  • Network Attached Storage (NAS) performance - object storage economics On any device, desktops, servers, VMs, containers
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LucidLink provides immediate access
to data from anywhere

Use any object storage & any device

Direct cloud backup
  • Backup files to cloud storage
  • No additional local storage, special gateways or connectors
Production workloads
  • Experience performance equal to NAS
  • Utilize any software, no refactoring or connectors
Active archive
  • Converge archive & retrieval into a single solution
  • Access both hot & cold data from the same location
Remote access
  • Move network shares and file servers into the cloud
  • Enable teams to collaborate from anywhere

Business Solutions

  • Prior to our LucidLink partnership, we had to turn down deals, because we didn’t have the right solution to meet our prospects’ needs. Now, we are able to retain and secure more customers, and maximize our use of Cloudian object storage.
    Casper Van der Walt Casper Van der Walt Head Of Cloud & Infrastructure, Cipherwave
Service Provider Managed Service Provider (MSP) Value-Added Reseller (VAR)

Seamlessly provide cost-effective streaming file access to customers

Take advantage of object storage economics with NAS performance

MSP Info
Media Solution Media Companies Creative Studios Video Production

Easily collaborate
remotely on media assets

Enable remote team collaboration, regardless of file size or type, with immediate access to data from anywhere

John McNeil Studio Case Study
Video Surveillance Video Management Software Integrators Video Surveillance Distributors

Provide immediate and concurrent access to video footage stored in the cloud

Obtain high reliability and availability to meet the demands of video surveillance deployments

Surveillance Blog

Storage Partners

  • AWS partner network
  • Cloudian partner
  • Google Cloud partner
  • Digital Ocean partner
  • Exoscale partner
  • Microsoft partner
  • Nutanix partner
  • Scality partner
  • Telefonica partner
  • Wasabi partner
  • Zadara partner

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