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Case study

GoDigital Unlimited supercharges growth with LucidLink


Video production company achieves ultimate turnaround times for multiple clients with round-the-clock workflow orchestrated by LucidLink.

The company

GoDigital Unlimited is a video production company specializing in marketing communications. It is a full-service facility offering the gamut of production capability from concept to capture, editing, finishing, and publishing. With a background in both retail and filmmaking, co-founders James Wiley and David Levine are growing their company to meet the needs of businesses as communications shift rapidly to social media. Their motto is: Supercharging your company’s growth through consistent video production.

Distributed by design

From inception and by design, GoDigital operates as a distributed production facility. This cuts the overhead costs of maintaining permanent real estate and equipment and, just as significantly, enables the company to execute its core proposition to customers: Professional high-quality short-form video tailored and delivered to support up-to-the-minute marketing campaigns—within hours.

“Our team knows what it takes to make your marketing campaigns successful,” Wiley says. “We will create a content strategy and utilize the latest digital technology to make it happen. We know what it takes to support an ever-changing story for a growing company, which means fast. During the pandemic, the world shifted from the storefront to the mobile phone. Our team at GoDigital has the experience, desire, and energy to offer on-call video services and meet that demand.”

There are two critical tools that GoDigital has at its disposal. The first is its choice of RED GEMINI 5K camera and lens package for most shoots.

“In the spirit of efficiency, this camera allows us to capture horizontal video with enough resolution to crop in for vertical video,” says Wiley. “This is crucial to save time and take full advantage of Instagram/Facebook stories and consistent TikTok uploads. The 5K resolution allows us to pull images from videos captured, then upload those images to all accounts in between video posts to provide consistent upload content.”

The second technology is LucidLink, the cloud NAS with which GoDigital is able to upload and share high-resolution payloads of media for its roster of editors to collaborate worldwide.

LucidLink has been the single best addition to our family. It is the glue that ties us all together.
James WileyCo-founder, GoDigital Unlimited

The need for speed

While Wiley is based in the United States, GoDigital’s team of editors is all based in India. When setting up the company, Wiley and Levine were on the hunt for a solution that would enable them to get footage shot on location across the US to the editorial team instantly.

“We came across LucidLink through an online workshop about remote editing presented by Adobe,” Wiley explains. “LucidLink sounded intriguing, and we used it immediately.

It was perfect. We cut through any friction in the workflow and went straight to LucidLink with our first editor hire. 

GoDigital produces a range of bespoke videos, from testimonials and commercials to tutorials and all forms of branded content.

“For the past 15 years creating digital content, I have used all digital exchange platforms from Dropbox and WeTransfer to Google Drive. I knew that there would be no way to make it work at the level we required. They could not handle 500GB of footage uploaded in a day. LucidLink was literally our only option.

“I need to get the RED footage to our editors in the fastest way possible. Our turnaround times have to be so fast that shipping drives is not an option.

LucidLink has turned us into a 24/7 video production company. We can work around the clock. The turnaround times are lightning-fast. Being able to upload a project in the afternoon and by the morning, thanks to the brilliance of our editors and the sheer efficiency of LucidLink, it is good to go.

“It is why our clients keep coming back.”

A threefold increase in production – and counting

GoDigital clients range from medical and dental practitioners to dance troupes and automotive/sports brands. They all require extremely fast turnaround times in order to hit deadlines. Most of GoDigital’s clients work with them to produce multiple videos per month.

“As we’ve grown and added more clients to our roster, we still need to hit every single deadline. That means getting footage to our editors overseas instantly is even more of a necessity. With LucidLink, we’re not only able to do that, but we can easily and quickly expand the number of editors we work with to meet demand.

LucidLink was the only provider that could achieve this at the speed that we needed to and with the ability to send it to clients for viewing with ease.
James WileyCo-founder, GoDigital Unlimited

Before using LucidLink, GoDigital Unlimited could produce around 30 videos per month. With LucidLink, it has increased output more than three times to 100 videos a month.

“Through the power of LucidLink, all our clients are surpassing their goals,” says Wiley. “We attribute that to quickly getting new videos in front of their target audiences.

“We don’t plan to rest on our laurels. The goal would be to continue pushing to 200 videos a month and on from there. We have plans to grow the business nationwide and internationally to fit the needs of new clients. With LucidLink, I know the only way is up.”

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