Core Values

Our mission is to make data universally, securely, and seamlessly accessible to everyone, everywhere.  

Our core values are integral to everything we do. While business strategies, products, and directions evolve, our core values define us and our raison d’etre. These are the principles we hold true, irrespective of changing circumstances, or whether they bring competitive advantages or disadvantages.

Why bother defining core values? Because when faced with difficult decisions, our core values provide the guidance and inspiration needed to make the best choice.


Foster integrity, trust, and compassion

We act according to our principles and lead with compassion. We strive to build a trusting and respectful environment, both internally with
our team and externally with customers.

Create an open and

positive culture

We share information. In our transparent environment, we over-communicate and nurture new ideas based on merit.

Set high expectations

We believe in the impossible. Good is the enemy of great, so think big. We put
passion into everything we do.

Be bold and disruptive

We are bold and not afraid to take risks.
We know not just what we are doing
but understand the purpose
behind it.

Pursue excellence

We recognize people thrive when challenged. Learn, adjust, and try new things. With an appetite for growth and improvement,
we can reach our full potential.

Embrace and drive change

We believe that every employee has the power to make our company better. We are not afraid to challenge the status quo.

Focus on the Long-Term

We have a long-term mindset for every aspect of our business and prepare for the future by developing the innovations of tomorrow.

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