Customer story

Key Code Media expands marketing engagement and reach with LucidLink

About the company

Key Code Media is a leading systems integrator and authorized reseller specializing in audiovisual equipment, installation, and aftermarket support. With multiple offices across the United States,  Key Code Media approaches complex projects with high-touch customer service, ensuring equipment is delivered, installed, and adopted successfully. Its solutions include A/V (conference rooms, lecture halls, classrooms, video walls, collaborative offices), broadcast (comm systems, flypacks, OB truck, and control rooms), and production (audio and video edit suites and networking). 

Showcasing video production 

With higher demand for video streaming of athletic events, universities are increasing and improving their video production systems. From consulting to design to construction, Key Code Media provides a full range of services for custom media facilities.

The company recently upgraded the University of Wyoming Athletics sports video facility located on campus in Laramie, Wyoming. The upgraded system supports video board and video streaming for university football, basketball, volleyball, and soccer games. Although built primarily for in-house production, the upgraded facility is capable of network-quality sports television production.

“The project included an extensive upgrade to the control room technical core, monitor wall, graphics, replay systems, audio and intercom systems,” explains Matt McClain, Director of Marketing. “Key Code Media provided a turnkey solution, installation, and training for the project. This significant installation provided an excellent opportunity for us to showcase our work.”

“To do that, I wanted to create a short film, giving viewers a tour of the new facility as a great example of the major project work we do. I also felt that doing this project internally would be a great chance for us to try LucidLink’s Cloud NAS to connect my team into a single collaborative workflow.”

The challenge

Key Code Media has a small but vibrant marketing team. McClain wants it to punch above its weight and saw LucidLink as the answer.

“My budget is limited, but I want to work with the best freelance talent and make professional-quality engaging and informative films to showcase our work. I knew I wanted to work with an editor in Finland, and I also tend to work with DPs local to the project since it’s a way of reducing the cost of travel. LucidLink provided the glue.”

The execution

McClain, who is also the director and producer of the film, flew to Wyoming to conduct the shoot with local DoP Tristan Greszko. They shot with Canon DSLRs recording in 4K. This included interviews, drone footage, and match footage from the sidelines of a Wyoming Cowboys versus Detroit basketball game.

Upon returning to LA, McClain uploaded about 600GB of footage to LucidLink. The footage was immediately accessible to the editor Kira Krysanov in Finland.

I really like his work and wanted to work with him. With LucidLink, I could.

Matt McClain,
Director of Marketing, Key Code Media

Within a couple of days, Krysanov had assembled a rough cut which he put into the render folder on LucidLink.

“I could go in and review the first edit, and not only that, I could view all the versions of his timeline. I am an editor also, so I can understand the thought process and see the additional media that were needed to complete the project.”

McClain shared lower thirds branding and motion graphics by dragging and dropping them from his desktop into a Watch folder on LucidLink. Via his LucidLink client, Krysanov immediately incorporated those for easy iteration into the final version.

With a final edit nearing completion, McClain sent it on to Greszko in Wyoming for review also via LucidLink. He noticed an issue with the color profile in the file and was able to make the correction immediately.

“He had access to all the profiles and files, so he jumped into the nearest Starbucks and was able to apply the correct LUT and adjust color on the same timeline as our editor in Finland. He made final adjustments and exported the finished color correct version. It looked fantastic.

“You want to know the best bit? I got my bill from LucidLink at the end of the month for $50. For [$50], I am completely collaborating remotely and globally, working from 600GB of project data.”


The video was promoted on social media, including on YouTube, appears on the Key Code Media website, and was picked up by Sports Video Group, which ran a feature story off its back.

Since then, Key Code Media has produced two more short films using LucidLink as the lynchpin for collaborative workflows.

I’m able to expand my resources and hire freelance talent that fits my budget anywhere in the world. We truly can have a global team all connected via LucidLink.

Matt McClain,
Director of Marketing, Key Code Media

“I might not need to fly to the location next time. The local camera crew can gather photography and B roll and simply upload all the footage to LucidLink for fantastic collaborative workflows from anywhere.”