Cloud storage

What is Cloud NAS?

The software industry is full of acronyms and terms that your average person would always have to look up. So I ask you, (since you’re reading this, you must be above average:)) what do you think of when you hear the term Cloud NAS? If you do a Google search, you’ll find various companies providing descriptions, often in the form of advertisement. TechTarget has its definition, “Cloud NAS (network-attached storage) is remote storage that is accessed over the Internet as if it was local.”

But what do we mean when we say we are “Cloud NAS”?

Our Cloud NAS solution works like an on-premises NAS, but unlike a traditional NAS, it is not a physical machine but rather a software service. LucidLink Filespaces enables you to modernize your cloud infrastructure and take advantage of cost-effective cloud storage with an innovative cloud-native file system. At LucidLink, Cloud NAS means that all your data can be accessed from anywhere with the ease and performance of a local drive. Users can easily stream data directly from the cloud, eliminating the need to download or synchronize.

Pre-COVID, many organizations relied on legacy sync-and-share technologies, inefficient data transfer utilities, and even ‘sneakernet’ to share data and digital assets. With most people working remotely, companies are significantly challenged when it comes to enabling remote access to files and collaboration. Using LucidLink, organizations can easily store, share, edit, and collaborate remotely on digital files directly in the cloud. Essential for any industry, LucidLink supports all major operating systems, including macOS, Windows, and Linux. 

Using a software client running on the endpoint, delivered as SaaS, with no middleware and no appliance, virtual or physical. LucidLink leverages cloud-based storage with the functionality you expect from an on-premises NAS – only better.

Vital for Workflows

Remote collaboration and data access are vital to keeping business workflows from grinding to a halt, especially with multiple team members working outside the office and across the globe. Everyone needs a central point of access —immediate access—to digital assets from wherever they are working. 

That’s why we created LucidLink. With the rapid growth in cloud services and object storage, it became clear that applying old technology to a new paradigm was broken. A new system had to be created from scratch to take full advantage of cloud object storage benefits. Old technologies becoming “cloud-enabled” didn’t suffice.

LucidLink is at the forefront of cloud services and storage, offering a secure file system specifically built for modern cloud-computing environments. In March, we told you how to move your NAS to the cloud in 30 minutes or less. Give us a try. You have nothing to lose but maybe a little onsite hardware.