Looking for a Google Drive Alternative that really works from anywhere?

LucidLink isn’t just another Google Drive clone in a sea of cloud storage offerings. Nope – it’s the latest evolution (or revolution) in high-performance cloud file management and storage for today’s remote video editors.

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Remote, real-time editing for creatives

  • With LucidLink, you can access and edit any size or any type of file in real-time. No downloading, no syncing, and no wasted time  
  • Collaborate seamlessly with team members from any location as if you were on-premises together 
  • Securely share and work on files with advanced, end-to-end encryption 
  • Say goodbye to hard storage limits with infinitely scalable and globally accessible cloud storage 
  • Enterprise-grade and compatible with Windows, MacOS or Linux

Secure file sharing and editing in real-time

Wasting valuable time downloading and syncing large video files isn’t an option when there are tight deadlines to hit. Unlike “sync and share” cloud storage apps like Google Drive or Dropbox, LucidLink allows you to get right down to work. Here’s how: 

  • Data is directly streamed to your system in real-time via a single, centralized cloud repository secured with end-to-end encryption. This lets you rapidly ingest hi-res 4K – or even 8K footage – for immediate access anywhere. The best part? You’ll never mail out another hard drive of footage again. 
  • LucidLink lets you perform video and audio-post-production editing directly from the cloud – and even collaborate in real-time with other team members – without delays or hiccups.
  • It’s compatible with leading NLEs, including Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer, Final Cut Pro and Blackmagic Resolve.

Video production has gone remote…but your deadlines are the same

Chances are that your physical work location has changed…but not the actual work (or deadlines). 

Video and audio editors routinely handle massive files – whether they’re cutting footage, creating stunning motion graphics or animations or sound mixing. Typically, all this work would have happened on-premises due to the high levels of latency and storage required. 

Here’s the thing: remote work is the new reality – and so are ever-increasing file sizes. Video and audio editors need a file sharing solution that’s secure, streamlined and provides immediate access to whatever they’re working on – no matter where they’re working from.

Boost your workflow efficiency

I fell in love with the ability to get my entire team quickly and securely onto one centralized resource for all of our files to go.
Brandon NaughtonPresident & co-founder, Truce Media

Sure – both LucidLink and Google Drive can help boost your productivity via easy-to-use cloud storage. But that’s where the similarities end. 

LucidLink is built specifically from the ground up for life working in the cloud. What do we mean? It’s designed to work as seamlessly as a network-attached storage or storage volume on your hard drive. In fact, LucidLink works with any S3 object storage you choose, providing instant, streaming access to your files.


Why Google Drive desktop “file streaming” isn’t the best solution

Google Drive for desktop works in two ways: mirroring or streaming. Mirroring simply allows Google’s sync client to create copies of files between the cloud and your signed-in devices. Streaming is Google creating a virtual drive or folder on your machine. 

So, wait – isn’t that exactly what LucidLink does? Not really – and here’s why: 

While your Google Drive files may be visible in your Windows or MacOS virtual drive or folder, they need to be downloaded in their entirety via the Google sync client and then re-uploaded any time they’re modified. Now, for small files, this isn’t a big deal…but when you’re dealing with gigabytes of raw 4K footage, your workflow gets completely bogged down. 

LucidLink seamlessly streams your work, no matter the file size
Unlike Google Drive, any file within the LucidLink Filespace is written and streamed on-demand in tiny blocks –  similar to how files are read and written on local storage drives. 

No matter the file’s size, they’re instantly accessible since only tiny blocks are read as needed by whatever application you’re working in. That means there’s no repeated, time-consuming syncing of files in their entirety between your machines and the cloud.

Instant snapshot

Preserve and protect your work with Snapshots

LucidLink lets you schedule instant “snapshot” backups of your entire Filespace. Snapshots make it easy to perform file recovery, roll back to previous versions and schedule automatic backups to run on a schedule of your choosing. Only data that’s changed between two snapshots is saved, resulting in more efficient space utilization. 

What’s more – snapshots are immutable (read-only), so they act as a last line of defense for your files against ransomware attacks. 

100 secure

Zero-knowledge encryption keeps sensitive data secure

The best approach to data security? Trust no one. By that, we mean, infrastructure and cloud storage providers have “zero knowledge” of any data you’re storing or transmitting. Data is encrypted on your device and stays encrypted even when it’s in transit. Only you can “see” your data. 

So, there’s absolutely no sharing files with strangers, and no storing unprotected copies of sensitive data on multiple devices.


See the future of remote file access, sharing and collaboration

Is LucidLink among the best Google Drive alternatives for you and your media production team’s needs? We think so. LucidLink focuses on globally, instantly accessible data that is streamed on-demand and available immediately for collaboration on projects. 

This makes LucidLink a solution ideally suited for industries like media and entertainment, or architecture, engineering and construction that rely on immediate remote access to files of any
size – especially massive files. But don’t just take our word for it.

Feel free to try it yourself with a free, 14-day LucidLink trial!

SaaS offering, no hardware or IT support required

End-to-end security encryption

Works with any object storage

Instant on-demand file access from anywhere

Works with any OS