Think outside of (the) Box for cloud storage & collaboration

LucidLink is way more than just a cloud storage alternative to Box. What you’re looking at is the future of cloud file management and storage for today’s remote content creators in video production.

What LucidLink provides is the ability to edit any type of file – small or massive – instantly and in real time. So the days of waiting on slow sync & share technologies: they’re gone. Unlike Box and other alternatives, there’s no downloading and uploading entire files from the cloud before you get down to work. LucidLink solves problems with latency so you can begin to collaborate on projects immediately, from anywhere. In short – it’s time you took your workflow outside (the) Box.


High-performance, on-demand remote editing for creatives

  1. Save timeYou no longer have to spend time downloading and uploading data or deploying and setting up hardware. This drastically reduces post-production time and expenses. There’s no special training required to install and start using LucidLink.
  2. Reduce costsWith LucidLink you’ll see savings up to 50-80% in production costs. There is no hardware investment and less need for IT management. You can also take advantage of more cost-effective cloud storage that can grow with your team’s storage needs.
  3. Optimize your production workflowAccess, edit, and collaborate on media files in real-time as if you were working off a local drive. There’s no need to be in “the office.” And you can use LucidLink with any major operating system,  Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Remote production work is here to stay

Both video and audio editors routinely work with massive files whether they’re editing, creating motion graphics and animations or sound mixing. Until now, the most practical option was to access these files at a physical, on-premises location, since working remotely would require high levels of latency and storage.

But with working from home or a hybrid solution becoming the norm and file sizes ever-increasing, media production professionals need a secure file sharing solution that delivers immediate access – no matter where they’re working or what they’re working on.

Box and LucidLink

The alternative that eliminates “sync & share” with on-demand data

The “traditional” cloud-sharing method used by Box (and other Box alternatives) is known as “sync & share.” Local copies are created on all your connected devices and then changes are pushed through to the cloud. This puts a damper on productivity because devices are in constant communication, uploading, downloading, and syncing data. And when working with large files, like motion graphics or 8K footage, Box-style sync, and share simply isn’t efficient or practical. 

LucidLink cuts out the sync & share step entirely. Instead, all the files you need are immediately available to edit and share. This is why LucidLink’s SaaS solution feels like you’re working off a local hard drive.

Centralized repo

Don’t worry about the “When” and “Where”

When working with sync & share cloud storage platforms like Box, version control gets messy – especially when you have complex, shared projects being worked on by remote teams.

Rather than endlessly syncing across multiple devices and pushing changes to the cloud, LucidLink’s cloud repository acts as “The Single Source of Truth” where any changes are made (and saved) in real-time, as they happen. This helps eliminate stress and confusion over who on your media production team owns the “latest” version of a file.

LucidLink is easily shared across many connected devices or users, and team members gain rapid access to media files of any size from wherever they happen to be working. At the same time, teams still get the benefit of powerful end-to-end encryption, which ensures all data remains secure when at rest and in-flight.

Instant snapshot

Preserve and protect your work with snapshots 

LucidLink lets you schedule instant “snapshot” backups of your entire Filespace. Snapshots make it easy to perform file recovery, roll back to previous versions, and schedule automatic backups to run on a schedule of your choosing. Only data that’s changed between two snapshots is saved, resulting in more efficient space utilization. 

Better yet – snapshots are immutable (read-only), so they act as a last line of defense for your files against ransomware attacks. 

Folder with lock

Zero-knowledge encryption keeps data secure

What’s the best approach to data security? Trust no one. By that, we mean, infrastructure and cloud storage providers have “zero-knowledge” of any data you’re storing or transmitting. Data is encrypted on your device and stays encrypted even when it’s in transit. Only you can “see” your data. 


Go beyond Box: See the future of remote file access, sharing, and collaboration

Will LucidLink help you move your production team out of the “Box” of standard, sync & share cloud storage? We think so. LucidLink focuses on globally, instantly accessible data that is streamed on-demand and available immediately for collaboration on projects. 

This makes LucidLink the ideal alternative for industries like media and entertainment, or architecture, engineering, and construction that rely on immediate remote access to files of any size – especially massive files. Try it yourself with a free, 14-day LucidLink trial!

SaaS offering, no hardware or IT support required

End-to-end security encryption

Works with any object storage

Instant on-demand file access from anywhere

Works with any OS