A Modern Approach to Global File System Design

LucidLink Filespaces addresses the business needs around storing large data sets and files, on and off-premise and

accessing them over distance while offering best-in-class security and privacy guarantees.


Basic Architecture

Filespaces provides a uniform shared, global file system namespace across any device connected to the Internet. It is a software-only solution, which delivers the intelligence to make any simple object storage act as a high-performance, file system volume shared, and accessible from anywhere. 

Filespaces has been designed from the ground up to resolve the limitations of both the NFS and SMB protocols. It is a modern file system that works equally well over LAN and WAN, has a high-performance concurrent streaming architecture, reduced network chatter and a very robust security model, and is compatible with all operating systems. 


Near local experience

More importantly, the technology offers a near-local user experience, even when accessing data over distance. From a high-level perspective, it functions like a network-attached storage or file server, but both the clients and data repository can be located anywhere. All authorized client devices can see and access the same shared data set, irrespective of their operating system or location, as long as they have network access to the object-store.

SaaS offering, no hardware or IT support required

End-to-end security encryption

Works with any object storage

Instant on-demand file access from anywhere

Works with any OS