Advertising Agencies

Cloud file system
for creative professionals

Any size. Anytime. Anywhere. Any type.

Access, share, edit & collaborate from anywhere

The single source of truth is in the cloud

  • Quickly access huge media assets from the cloud
  • Work with remote creatives & collaborate in real-time
  • Access and edit any file on-demand no matter the size
  • Perform video editing directly in the cloud
  • Acquire fresh global talent and new freelancers
We are very impressed with the speed at which we are turning things around. Quick access to media by groups of creatives working on a project ensures we can get back to the client in record time all because of LucidLink.
Kelly ReddingIT Director, TEAM LEWIS

Boost efficiency

Leveraging various NLE tools, MAMs, and DAMs. Premiere Pro, Media Composer, Final Cut, Resolve, etc.

  • Save timeRemove requirements to download and upload data, eliminate the need to deploy and set up hardware, no special training required
  • Reduce costsNo hardware investment, decrease IT management overhead, replace NAS with economical cloud storage, pay only for the capacity used
  • Optimize production workflowAccess cloud-stored assets as if they are on a local drive, collaborate on files in real-time

SaaS offering, no hardware or IT support required

End-to-end security encryption

Works with any object storage

Instant on-demand file access from anywhere

Works with any OS