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Enterprise scale, cloud-native file service built on object storage

Solving the problem of distance and latency in cloud environments by reducing the traffic between applications and remote storage. By dramatically boosting responsiveness we enable file data to be delivered efficiently and streamed on-demand. Performance is further optimized by sophisticated data prefetching based on a proprietary, adaptive algorithm; parallel TCP streams; local write-back caching; and in-line compression.

Use any cloud

Use any cloud

Public, private and hybrid

Stream data

Stream data

Access files up to 100X faster

Best-in-class security

Best-in-class security

End-to-end encryption


Seamlessly works with any cloud, on-prem storage or any OS


Amazon, Alibaba, Digital Ocean, Google Cloud, IBM, Wasabi, Telefonica


Cloudian, Zadara, Scality,
Ceph, Minio

Hybrid cloud

Public & Private

Operating Systems

Linux, Windows, macOS

Data streams directly to and from any object store, eliminating the hassle of downloading or synchronizing.


Rapidly streams data as if it was your local drive

  • Split metadata/data plane design for high performance
  • Streams data via a distributed, high-performance architecture​
  • No syncing or downloading
  • Random read/write capabilities

Completely encrypts all data to offer highest degree of confidentiality

  • “Zero-Knowledge” encryption model
  • Encrypted on the client, in transit & at rest
  • Customer holds encryption keys
Security Model (.pdf)

On-demand streaming optimizes user and application access to data
One seamless, secure, experience for your workforce


LucidLink Filespaces Architecture


LucidLink Client

Embeds into any OS as a file system and presents everything as if it’s a local file. The client handles all encryption, data compression, pre-fetching and caching.​

The Object Store

Hosts all the data in a bucket in the customer's account. We use a unique data layout, which essentially treats the object store bucket as an infinitely scalable block device.

The LucidLink Service

Manages metadata coordination, garbage collection, global locking, snapshotting etc.