Use Cases

Immediate & Concurrent Access to Video Surveillance Footage in the Cloud

  • Provide immediate access to video data stored in the cloud
  • Upload video data directly to the cloud
  • Enable concurrent access to video data for remote collaboration
  • View any video frame, at any point in time
  • Secure video data with end-to-end file encryption, even while viewing
  • Deliver high-capacity storage at local disk speed
  • Utilize a global workforce with streaming file access from anywhere

Direct Backup to the Cloud – Flexible Recovery

  • Files backup directly to cloud storage
  • No additional local storage, gateways or special S3 connectors needed
  • Stream backup images from anywhere
  • Quick and easy rapid data recovery
  • Archived data is immediately available, on-demand

Run NAS Workloads on Object Storage

  • Ingest data directly into a Filespace using object storage
  • Utilize any software without refactoring or using a connector
  • Experience streaming and caching equal to NAS
  • Dramatically reduce complexity
  • Shorten data transport times

Remote Access to Cloud File Servers

  • Move on-prem network shares and file servers into the cloud
  • Deploy cloud “file servers” or file shares, remotely
  • Gain universal access from any internet-connected location
  • No additional infrastructure needed
  • Drastically reduce deployment times
  • Boost savings in operational overhead and upfront costs

Active Archive

  • Converge archive and retrieval into a single solution
  • Gain immediate access to data for current and future use
  • Choose your own cloud object vendor
  • Use an economical capacity storage tier while maintaining quick access to random files.
  • Access both hot and cold data from the same location without a separate process
  • Retrieve data on-demand, from any remote location

Customer benefits

  • Immediate Backup Recovery File backups can be written directly to cloud storage without the need for additional local storage, gateways or special S3 connectors. These backup images can be streamed anywhere for fast and flexible recovery.
  • Fast & Easy File Restoration Always be a step ahead of ransomware, malicious data deletion or corruption and other threats with fast, easy access to all files. LucidLink’s Snapshots protects you and your clients’ data from getting lost or corrupt. Simply snap and clone your cloud-native Filespaces with no performance impact.
  • Active Archive Converge, archive, and retrieval in a single solution. Using object storage with LucidLink enables customers to move their valuable data into an economic capacity storage tier while maintaining quick access to random files.
  • Cloud File Servers Immediately deploy cloud “file servers” or file shares remotely and without additional infrastructure saving significant operational overhead and customer upfront costs.
  • Transparent to End-Users No change to end-user workflows. No need to learn a new tool. Users simply write to a different shared drive with no impact on their routine, leading to better user experience and quick adoption.

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