Use Cases

Shared data volumes for cloud servers or VDI

  • Replace expensive pre-provisioned server storage with cost effective elastic storage while maintaining high performance.
  • Inject persistent, shared storage into any application or container running virtually anywhere.
  • Eliminate cumbersome processes to move data from one storage location to another.

Protect sensitive data without compromising usability

  • Protect, store, and collaborate on sensitive data, or adhere to regulatory restrictions.
  • Data is fully encrypted end-to-end and is stored in your own cloud account.
  • Access data as if it is local, when you disconnect from your file space, there is no data residuality on your device.

Converge file services with active archive in the cloud

  • Archive “production available” data in elastic cloud storage while retaining the ability to instantly access it at any time.
  • A single authoritative copy of your data that is immediately accessible,  but takes up no local storage space.
  • Connect from anywhere without the hassle or poor performance of a VPN.

Team, workflow or process collaboration

  • Facilitate collaboration among distributed workflows on projects requiring large data sets or big files.
  • Access to one authoritative copy in the cloud from the edge, contractor sites, home offices, datacenter,  or from within the cloud.
  • Instant random access within files or datasets improves productivity across workflows.

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